The best home treatments for prostatitis

Prostatitis is a process in which the prostate gland becomes inflamed. Pathology can occur due to the fact that an infection or virus enters the prostate, as well as when blood stagnates in the scrotum.

Depending on the causes that provoked this ailment, it can be treated both in the clinic and at home. This pathology can present in a chronic or acute form.

pain in a man with prostatitis


Usually the disease manifests itself in representatives of a strong state from 20 to 50 years. Often this is facilitated by an insufficiently active sexual life of a person. Also, the risk of manifestation of this pathology is in those who sit a lot, smoke or frequently visit saunas.

All these factors lead to the fact that lymph stagnation occurs, blood circulation in the pelvic organs is disturbed, and hormones fail. As a result, immunity is weakened and this makes it easier for infections to enter the person's body.

If not treated at home or in the clinic, prostatitis can become chronic in a short time. The precursors of the disease are:

  1. Discomfort in the penis.
  2. Involuntary excretion of urine.
  3. Groin pain.
  4. Pain when going to the bathroom.
  5. Heat.
  6. weak erection

When the disease becomes chronic, along with the symptoms mentioned above, a person may feel a decrease in sexual activity.

How can you get rid of this disease quickly and effectively? This question interests many. Doctors say that you can quickly get rid of such a pathology only at its initial stage.

It is important to immediately identify the symptoms, and treatment in this case will be started quickly. To do this, you need to look at the body yourself and conduct regular examinations in the clinic.

In addition, once the diagnosis is made, a specialist will prescribe therapy. You can treat prostatitis both at home and in the clinic. It depends on the severity of the disease and the desire of the patient.

How to treat prostatitis at home will be discussed in this article.

Treatment of prostatitis in men at home

It should be noted right away that self-treatment of prostatitis can be carried out only at its initial stage of manifestation. Chronic and acute diseases should be treated only in the clinic.

When making a diagnosis, the doctor examines the patient and collects evidence. Blood and urine are drawn. They are tested for the presence of viruses in the body. On the basis of such tests, the doctor finds out for himself the features of the pathology. Depending on its complexity, he can prescribe medications and other procedures. When the form of the disease is severe, surgical intervention is indispensable.

Effective treatment of prostatitis at home is possible only if the disease is not started. It is possible to cure prostatitis at home with the help of a popular recipe that will reduce discomfort, give the body the strength to resist viruses, and improve general well-being.

When curing this pathology at home, massage is supposed to be done, folk recipes, physical exercises and devices for the treatment of prostatitis at home are also used.

herbs and spices for prostatitis

Treatment of prostatitis at home also involves daily intake of juices. They can be juices from different vegetables and fruits. It is recommended to use it together with medications prescribed by a doctor.

How to get rid of prostatitis at home?

The following are the main methods of treatment based on popular recipes. To relieve prostate symptoms, the recommendations of specialists must be strictly followed.

Pumpkin seeds

They have been used to treat this disease for a long time. The peculiarity of this product is that it contains a lot of zinc, which a man's body needs every day. It is required to maintain health.

For treatment, it is recommended to use dried seeds, rather than fried ones. They need to be cleaned and eaten. For a normal course of treatment, about a kilogram of seeds will be required. The duration of such a course is until the seeds run out. With the passage of the course each year, the risk of manifestation of pathology is significantly reduced.

You need to eat around 30 seeds per day. They need to be chewed. You can also twist them in a meat grinder and consume. It is advisable to consume them before meals, half an hour before them.


This plant will help to cope with various diseases. How to cure prostatitis with wormwood? It is better to prepare decoctions and infusions from it. To do this, you need to take a hundred grams of the plant and grind them. Then boil and let stand. A decoction is usually used for enemas or douches. You can also drink the decoction.

The duration of the course is 7 days. Once a day you need to drink 100 grams of decoction and give them enemas before bedtime.

Since wormwood can have different effects on each body, it is important to consult a doctor before using it. Also, during the course of treatment, you should not smoke or drink alcohol. This can lead to an exacerbation of other diseases in the body.


The prostate is also treated with the help of juices. If they are combined with the use of drugs, this will give positive results. It is good to drink vegetable juice. They should drink about 500 grams daily. You can also juice carrots, cucumbers, or asparagus.

They must be, without fail, self-made juices from fresh products, and not purchased. The duration of the course of treatment is 10 days.

bee products

Prostate patients are treated in this way. To do this, you can use wax candles. They are inserted into the anus.


Prostate massage is necessary for prevention. This will have to be done constantly. Also, massage for prostatitis at home will help to eliminate the disease of any complexity. This is because massage for prostatitis at home improves blood flow in the pelvic organs.

Massage is done through the perineum or rectally. The gland can be accessed through the anus. The massage is performed with circular movements. Usually such a procedure should be performed by specialists, since with inept actions, the prostate can be damaged.

For home treatment, you can entrust this procedure to a friend. For this, it is also possible to use special devices. All of them differ in size and shape and therefore you can choose the best one for you. Devices for the treatment of prostatitis are inserted into the anus.

Massages through the perineum can also be performed. This method is safer than the previous one. You can apply it yourself. To carry out such a procedure, you can adapt ordinary objects, for example, a tennis ball.

You need to do 3-4 procedures per day. The duration of each should be on average 4-5 minutes.

It is also worth remembering that massage should be abandoned in the acute form of the disease, in case of malignant damage to the organ, as well as in the presence of stones.


Today, there are special devices that can treat the prostate. You can do this even at home without the help of a specialist. These devices work on different principles. Its main task is to stimulate the gland.

The devices are:

  1. Magnetic.
  2. vibrant.
  3. To be.


Regular stress on the body and exercise make it possible to carry out preventive measures, as well as treat prostatitis. Loads can be given 2-3 times a week. You also need to be outside all the time.

You can sign up for special gymnastics courses. But you can do these exercises at home. All of them are simple and do not require much effort. Such exercises will help speed up the healing process.

hiking for prostatitis


It should be done at home both for treatment and for the prevention of the manifestation of pathology. It is important to carry out such actions so that the disease does not become chronic.

Also, preventive measures may be different and depend on the cause of the manifestation of the pathology. If this is inflammation, then it is worth increasing your immunity with the help of drugs. If the problem is stuck, all efforts should be directed to eliminating said defect.

Prevention means:

  1. Lead an active lifestyle.
  2. Balance diet.
  3. Normal weight.
  4. usual sex.
  5. Carrying out a massage.
  6. Treatment of inflammation.
  7. Sports.

In addition, experts advise to constantly monitor the state of health. At the first manifestations of negative symptoms, you should immediately contact the clinic and conduct an examination there.