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The drug for prostatitis.

Capsules Prostamin Forte

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Normal and swollen prostate gland

Prostatitis and prostate adenoma are the most common diseases of the genitourinary system of modern men. The wrong lifestyle, decreased physical activity, environmental degradation and constant stress lead to stagnation and inflammation in the prostate gland, which is rightly called the "second heart" of a man. Failures in the work of the organ have irreversible consequences for the health of men.

Prostamin Forte capsules - an innovative drug for prostatitis

As men age, the risk of inflammation of the prostate gland, which is part of the reproductive system, increases. Male health and fertility are directly dependent on the state of the prostate. In order for the male reproductive cells to be mobile, active, the seminal fluid is enriched with nutrients: enzymes, vitamins in the prostate.

Acute or chronic inflammation of the prostate gland occurs in all age groups. According to the WHO, more than 75% of men of reproductive age experience discomfort in the prostate gland, and 69% of them have a chronic form of the disease.

Causes of prostatitis

The main symptoms of the development of the disease are pain and discomfort in the groin, frequent urination, decreased potency and quality of sex. Lack of treatment leads to total impotence, adenoma, infertility, complications, and cancer.

Prostamin Forte Capsules - A Breakthrough in the Treatment and Prevention of Prostatitis

In the treatment of inflammatory processes of the prostate gland, an integrated approach is important. The innovative drug Prostamin Forte in capsules is an effective and safe agent for the prevention and treatment of chronic and acute prostatitis. Possessing an immunomodulatory effect, Prostamin Forte has a positive effect on the prostate, relieves swelling of the gland, relieves pain and problems with frequent urination. The drug stimulates the immune system to fight against pathogenic microorganisms that cause inflammation in the prostate, improves potency. Prostamin Forte favors the normalization of blood flow in the prostate area, which favors the accelerated elimination of toxins caused by inflammatory processes and reduces the risk of thrombosis.

Prostamin Forte benefits

The drug in capsules has a cumulative effect: the intake of one course completely eliminates the symptoms of the disease, improves the quality of life of a man and gives him self-confidence.

Prostamin Forte contains only natural ingredients

  • Saw palmetto fruit extract at Prostamin FortePalmetto fruit extract - a component with high biological activity, increases testosterone levels, has an anti-inflammatory and anti-infective effect. Has a positive effect on the state of the prostate gland, stops hyperplastic processes.
  • Pumpkin Seed Powder at Prostamin FortePumpkin seed powder - Pumpkin flour, rich in vitamins and mineral complexes, has a beneficial effect on the muscles of the prostate gland and nourishes it with useful substances. The component has an antitumor, anti-inflammatory tonic effect. Promotes the strengthening of blood vessels, elimination of toxins.
  • Bilberry Extract at Prostamin ForteBilberry extract - a concentrated extract of the fruit helps to normalize metabolic processes in the prostate, improves the body's resistance, has a calming effect, reduces swelling of the gland, thereby eliminating the frequent urge to urinate.
  • gotu kola with Prostamin ForteGotu Kola Extract - The proven antiviral and antiparasitic effect of the component has a complex effect on prostate health, helps in the treatment of adenoma, removes swelling, relieves pain and normalizes the functions of the gland. Improves spermatogenesis.
  • Shiitaki Mushroom Powder Capsules Prostamin ForteShitaki mushroom powder is a source of essential amino acids, B vitamins. Bioactive substances are involved in tissue regeneration processes, help clean the smooth muscles of atypical cells, and have antitumor and anticancer effects. Dust is an immunomodulator.
  • Prostamin Forte reishi mushroom extract capsulesReishi mushroom extract - an antimicrobial component involved in the regeneration and rejuvenation of prostate cells, strengthens the immune system, normalizes metabolism, which contributes to the antioxidant effect, relieves edema and restores the functions of the gland.
  • Pomegranate seed infusion as part of Prostamin ForteInfusion of pomegranate seeds - has a beneficial effect on sexual function, cleanses the blood, removes inflammatory products from prostate tissue, activates enzyme production and restores reproductive function.
  • Studies on the effectiveness of the drug have shown that the unique combination of natural components Prostamin Forte in 100% of cases has a beneficial effect on the condition of the prostate gland.

    2500 volunteers aged 18 to 65, who participated in clinical trials and consumer trials, noted that the drug improves general health, quality of life, alleviates chronic and acute forms of prostatitis, adenoma and other diseases of the prostate and the genitourinary system.

    Signs of prostate adenoma and prostatitis.

    Symptoms Prostatitis adenoma

    Temperature rise

    Yes No

    Flu syndrome

    Yes No

    Weakening of potency

    Yes Yes


    Disturbing in acute form

    Expressed in 2-3 stages

    urinary disorder

    Pronounced sharply

    always worries


    In chronic form

    In the later stages


    Signs of inflammation

    Gland enlargement

    Do you experience at least one symptom? Do not delay treatment and prevention!

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    Doctor's review

    Doctor Urologist Luigi Bezamat Luigi Bezamat
    38 years
    I recommend to my patients for the treatment of prostatitis and the prevention of adenoma the safe and effective drug Prostamin Forte in capsules. The remedy has proven to be positive, it is recommended for the appointment in Italy. Patients who took the capsules according to the instructions noted an improvement in their condition, the disappearance of pain in the groin and the normalization of urination.